getHum&Temp - a Java application to read and log the humidity and temperature with a sensirion sensor. It generates graphs and has the option to save the values locally. Using an usb to serial adapter, the application can be used on any PC. The application is  released as free software under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The project is hosted on  SourceForge (here you can get the source code).

getHum&Temp screenshot:

Why this project?
If you want to measure the temperature and humidity on your house (or other places, even in a lab) what you will use? What if you want to save that data during 8 hours (when you sleep) or even more?
This application was developed to run on any OS (currently is running on Mac OS on a MacBook), get samples for a defined time and being able to save the data in a format easily to import in other applications like Excel.
From Wikipedia, the recommended level of indoor humidity is in the range of 30-60%. How the heating system affect this value?

How it works?
The most important component is the sensor. In this case a Sensirion Temperature/Humidity Sensor is used. The sensor SHT11 features: provides a fully calibrated, digital output; measure temperature with a resolution of 0.01 degrees and within +/- 0.4 degree accuracy; measures relative humidity with a resolution of 0.05% and within +/-3% accuracy.
A Basic Atom Pro microcontroller and an usb to serial adapter based on FT232 is used to communicate with PC.

What is next?
The current configuration cost a bit above 100$, the next step is to use the cheapest configuration trying to achieve closer performance.

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