Just Client Side Photo Gallery

JcsPhotoGallery (Just Client Side Photo Gallery), a photo gallery project developed in GWT and released as free software under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

To see a demo of this project, follow the link (JcsPhotoGallery demo).

The project is hosted on  Google Project Hosting (where you can download the application and source code).

For my web page see Daniel Cioi's web page.

JcsPhotoGallery screenshots:
JcsPhotoGallery - albums view JcsPhotoGallery - a photo

Why this project?
Initially the target was VPS (Virtual Private Server) with low RAM memory (less or equal to 512MB) or webhosting without server-side application suppport.
Even if there are plenty of gallery application developped in php, just few are developped in java, and too few developped to run just on a HTTP web server without any server-side programming language (no servlet, php, perl etc.)
After trying some of the free available gallery applications, I decide to develope another one that fits my preferences and maybe other people's too.
The idea of this project was to develop a photo gallery running just on client side, and GWT appeared to be an ideal candidate for this job.

How it works?
There is a file albums.xml with information about the albums (each one in a folder), and on each album another album.xml file with information about pictures. The application parses these xml files, thus it knows the parameters like picture's file name and a comment.

How to use it?
To use this application you need just a web server (like Apache HTTP Server). Download the application, read the documentation how to add the albums and pictures, and upload it to the web server.

What is next?
The admin application is under development. To be able to modify, and upload new pictures, a WebDAV client library for GWT is also under development.

Meanwhile, the last version: 1.1.1, and the last from 1.0.x: 1.0.6 (to keep compatibility with previous gallery format) were released.

Also, starting with version 1.1.1 a desktop application (JcsPhotoGallery - Manager) that help to manage the gallery is available. The application is developped in Java and runs on any OS with java runtime environment installed (minimum Java 6). For help follow the link (JcsPhotoGallery - Manager).
Below there are screenshots of the application running on OpenSuse 12.1.
JcsPhotoGallery - gallery manager - screenshot
JcsPhotoGallery - gallery manager - screenshot
JcsPhotoGallery - gallery manager - screenshot

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